Good Listener
Team Player
Experienced Designer

For more than two decades, I have been providing graphic design services to a variety of companies across many sectors. It is this diversity that makes my job exciting. I enjoy learning about my clients, their passions, and helping them visualize their ideas for engaging their audiences.

​My approach with every client is the same, regardless of their company’s size. From the beginning, I work to establish a good, trustworthy relationship. I truly listen to the client, developing a solid understanding of the company, it’s business and it’s audience. Next, I collaborate with them, as an extension of their team, to determine their needs and the most efficient, cost effective way to satisfy them. If necessary, I can augment my services by working with other agencies and/or designers to fulfill a job’s requirements. Finally, I develop creative and meaningful design solutions that incorporate both the client’s ideas and objectives, while meeting all deadlines and staying within budgets.

As an independent designer, I can take on any variety of projects, allowing me to utilize my expertise in creative development and production. The most common types of projects I design are: brochures, newsletters, special event collateral, advertisements, direct mail, annual reports, posters, displays, programs and catalogues, billboards, logos and branding materials.​